Generally, demand generation managers have significant experience in a variety of marketing roles and feel comfortable wearing different hats and moving between platforms and strategies. While a bachelor’s degree is helpful to get your foot in the door, if you can show that you’re able to produce results, it’s not required. In order to develop a sound marketing strategy, marketers need to have a clear understanding of their market and customers—and that’s where the marketing research director comes in. Marketing research directors typically oversee a market research team in its efforts to analyze the company’s industry, competitors, and customers.

Marketing manager salary

Generally, corporate communications directors have at least a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in public relations, media, and/or communications. Now that you have a better idea of what you could expect to earn as a growth marketing manager, let’s look at ways to boost your salary. As a Senior Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing and managing the execution of all marketing strategies, plans and initiatives for tastyworks, the online retail brokerage arm of tastytrade Inc.


One way to show your value as a growth marketing manager is to seek regular feedback from your team. This feedback can help you identify areas where you can improve your performance, and also show your boss that you’re always looking for ways to improve. Additionally, regular feedback can help build trust between you and your boss, making it more likely that they’ll be open to giving you a raise.

Marketing manager salary

The average for copywriters was $58,500, while marketing managers on average earned $65,500, and ad managers made $71,000. While salaries have increased in the past two years, the disparity has remained. International Marketing Managers – International marketing managers help drive a business’ international growth and build a company’s brand around the world. International marketing managers earn a median salary of $81,521, according to Payscale data.

Kindergarten through second-grade students will grow, on average, 1.5 years in math and reading. Analyzing our digital conversions through Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics to refine DLN’s marketing funnel. Creating engaging text, image and video content for a variety of print, online and social channels. $4,500 Mascoma Bank Grant Supports Dental Lifeline Network in Three StatesYou will work with us in our national headquarters, just two blocks away from Union Station in downtown Denver with convenient access to public transportation. You have the opportunity to lead a variety of projects ranging from influencer engagement to analytics reporting. Work closely with Product Marketing and Customer Success to identify and create 3 customer case studies that can be utilized by the Customer Success team to easily and effectively follow up on expansion opportunities.

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A time set aside twice a year to pursue wild, silly, and imaginative ideas. The whole company takes part, and people can work on anything Figma-related that piques their curiosity. This year’s most whimsical project was an original musical written, produced, and starring 30+ Figmates. Connection and kindness are core to our culture (after all, we’re a group of people building a collaboration tool). We focus on lifting each other up instead of competing amongst ourselves, and we build relationships through numerous company traditions.

This means meeting or exceeding your targets on a regular basis, and always being on the lookout for new and innovative ways to grow your company’s reach. By doing this, you’ll show that you’re an invaluable asset to your team, and you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate for a higher salary. If you want to get started in a rewarding career in business, enrolling in a business degree or international business degree program is an important first step. While there are many job opportunities available for workers with a bachelor’s degree in business, completing a master’s degree in businesscan help you earn top management positions. International operations managers earn a median salary of $79,025, according to Payscale. As technology continues to advance and more business moves online, it is easier than ever for companies to expand their products and services to the global market.

Identify the most effective marketing materials, channels, and messaging for target accounts. You will work in collaboration with Strategic Accounts and Customer Success Teams to implement strategies to proactively engage and expand customers’ knowledge of company values and solutions. Creation of a quarterly and annual ABM plan against which to execute including the selection of target accounts and segments based upon internal and external insights. Virtual FinTech Senior Digital Marketing Strategist A payments technology company is seeking…

Building Figma is about taking initiative, being bold and charting a new course, not running a playbook. Figmates are building the future of design by tackling big, scary, exciting challenges like Figma’s future depends on it. We’re multiplayer people who love the weird, wonderful magic that happens when people connect. Our values are the underpinning for all that we do at Figma — we believe that a great product is inextricably linked to a great internal community.

Remote Senior Field Marketing Manager A video chat software development company… If you’re on board with the importance of social media but want to understand more before investing, simply start by asking questions. Instagram for example, is not just Instagram — it’s the main feed, IG reels, and IG stories. That’s not to mention the new frontier of social that includes video games as social platforms, Web3 and the metaverse. Ultimately you won’t succeed on these burgeoning platforms without investing in the people that understand them. Our team is a diverse group of creatives; from musicians, artists and dancers, to Olympians, beekeepers, and bakers.

We value the differences in our backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. By creating and promoting an environment that is inclusive and encouraging participation in mentorship and Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), we ultimately drive greater innovation and camaraderie. And to further ensure our workforce is well-equipped, not just for today’s needs, but for the future, we invest Marketing manager job in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math programs for our youth. Sales Manager – As a sales manager for a retail or business-to-business organization, you’ll direct the distribution of goods and services, set sales goals and analyze statistics to manage inventory and identify new markets. Sales managers are also responsible for hiring and training new sales staff.

What Can You Do With A Business Administration Degree?

In 2020, the median wage for management occupations was $109,760 and the field is expected to grow by 9% through 2030, according to the U.S. In the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook Survey, 83.2% of those surveyed said they planned to hire business majors that year . Of the top 10 majors in demand by employers, five were types of business majors – including business management. Offer expertise on retail co-op programs that are available and effective.

Marketing manager salary

See who’s hiring here, and you can even filter your search by benefits, company size, remote opportunities, and more. Then, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll deliver advice on landing the job right to you. The salary of a Growth Marketing Manager is determined by a number of factors, including education, experience, and job location.


We do this by making it easy and financially rewarding for therapists to accept insurance and offer in-network care. When a provider joins Alma, they gain access to a suite of tools that not only help them better run their business, but also grow it sustainably and develop as a provider. Salary for this position is competitive and is based on prior experience and qualifications.

Amplify the voice-of-the-customer; build relationships with key customers to drive revenue expansion. Close collaboration with strategic sales account leads forming an effective close working relationship with excellent communication. We are a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure all people feel supported and connected at work. A big part of that effort is our support for members and allies of internal groups like Asians at Dropbox, BlackDropboxers, Latinx, Pridebox , Vets at Dropbox, Women at Dropbox, ATX Diversity and the Dropbox Empowerment Network . 2021 State of Social Media report found that 55% of consumers learn about brands or companies on social media. For millennials and Gen Z respondents, those numbers are higher at 61% and 78%, respectively.

Vericast is investing in advanced marketing technologies, while also hiring for more than 250 new positions across the organization this year. Over half of the jobs are engineering, data science, and product development roles created to support the company’s digital marketing technology growth. We use multifaceted strategies to achieve ambitious marketing and communications objectives including advertising , email marketing, collateral , thought leadership content, strategic alliances, direct marketing, and social media.

A business administration degree is a broad program that prepares you to tackle today’s toughest business challenges. With this core business knowledge you’ll be ready to contribute towards the bottom line of any organization in the areas of accounting, finance, human resources, marketing and more. Marketing managers made a median salary of $141,490 in 2020 and the field is expected to grow by 10% through 2030, according to BLS. Market research analysts made a median salary of $65,810 in 2020 and the field is expected to grow by 22% through 2030, according to BLS. Employment of financial analysts is projected to grow 6% through 2030, faster than the national average and financial analysts earned a median salary of $83,660 in 2020, according to BLS. Inspired by our passion for music, Redeye connects independent artists and labels to an expanding global marketplace through sales and marketing expertise along with impactful customer relationships.

With a degree in international business, you’ll be on track to join a fast-growing sector of the business world. Market research is an extremely quantitative and analytical role, and most directors have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field with a strong background in marketing analytics and research. Here is a list of some major cities with their corresponding average growth marketing manager salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for social media managers is just $66,699, while copywriters make on average $74,200, marketing managers are at $94,557, and ad managers make $94,203. The Program Marketing Manager is a marketing professional with experience in managing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to reach diverse, global audiences of learners. They effectively partner with clients, internal teams, and external vendors to strategically plan and manage full-cycle marketing projects, driving enrollment for an assigned program portfolio. This role entails a primary focus on operational aspects of marketing campaigns, continually refining activities to achieve program goals. The Program Marketing Manager is an important role within the central Marketing team for the Office for External Education at Harvard Medical School.

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